Wealth Management

Aloula Geojit Capital Client is distinguished by wealth management team which ...

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Asset Management

Aloula Geojit Capital provides a wide range of Asset Management and portfolio ...

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Department at Aloula Geojit Capital Provide an overall products ...

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Aloula Geojit Capital has a specialized well trained broker team, working in dedication ...

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Aloula Geojit Capital provides custody services to shareholders with respect to ...

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Mutual Funds

Aloula Geojit Capital sees that opportunities of acquisition for undervalued financial assets may achieve an excellent investment returns which satisfy its customers, and therefore, is committed with diligent search to provide the best opportunities for its customers. Also the company offers its clients the necessary expertise and funds management services, which include a group of asset classes of shares and cash management and fixed income instruments. Aloula Geojit Capital provides for the client a wide choice in local and international markets, so as to invest in markets that are expected to achieve superior returns.  The experience of Aloula Geojit Capital in asset allocation, management studies and local and international markets enabled the company to design a range of products for asset classes and types of risks, availing a variety of options in front of its customers.  As well as the company established relationships with the most best investment portfolios houses, which may enable the company to increase the range of offered services to customers to meet their investment needs.



Real Estate Funds

Aloula Geojit Capital believes that the real estate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the best investment opportunities, not only in the Kingdom but at the level of entire region. The company will launch a range of real estate funds, which aims to provide quality investment products for our customers to invest their savings in the projects with the least possible risk. The company seeks to expand its operations to cover different parts of the Kingdom.


Non-conventional investment funds

At present, Aloula Geojit Capital is structuring a group of non-conventional funds in the areas of Investment World , will be offered to investors upon obtaining official approval from the Capital Market Authority.