Wealth Management

Aloula Geojit Capital Client is distinguished by wealth management team which ...

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Asset Management

Aloula Geojit Capital provides a wide range of Asset Management and portfolio ...

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Department at Aloula Geojit Capital Provide an overall products ...

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Aloula Geojit Capital has a specialized well trained broker team, working in dedication ...

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Aloula Geojit Capital provides custody services to shareholders with respect to ...

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Trading Channels

Silver Level

Trading Program Link for silver level - https://etrade.aloulageojit.net/ria
Silver Level provide delayed prices screen through the company's Web site, which enable the Client to enjoy the discount offers on commission without monthly fee.
Which can be accessed through the following link - https://etrade.aloulageojit.net/ria

Silver Level properties:

  1. No subscription fees.
  2. Take advantage of the company offers.
  3. Prices with five minutes delay.

Current share price in the market can be covered through the share price characteristic which may be accessed through pressing the mouse right knob part.

Golden Level

Trading Program link for the golden level - https://etrade.aloulageojit.net/ria

Golden Level provide  a direct pricing trading , through the company's Web site,  charging a monthly  subscription fees of fifty (50) Riyals,  in addition to offers of discount on commission.
And can be accessed through the following link https: - //etrade.aloulageojit.net/ria

Golden Level Features:

  1. Trading through the company's Web site at anytime and anywhere in the world.
  2. Direct prices
  3. Feature of orders basket, through which the Client may process orders and then send it to the market when he desire.
  4. Feature of "Offline orders" which are available from in between 4:30 pm to 9:30 am. As these commands to be sent to the market 10:00 am. approx.
  5. Calculator for orders.
  6. SMS commands upon execution.

Platinum level (Flip)

Trading link for platinum level - http://mds.aloulageojit.net/Downloads/AGBC_FlipNew.zip
Platinum level provides trading through utilizing Aloula Geojit program "Brow" by downloading  on the customer's computer, which will be with a monthly subscription of 100 SR , in addition to offers of discount on commission.

As the bearer of this trading level can trade through the company's website on the World Wide Web (Gold Level) https://etrade.aloulageojit.net/ria

Platinum level features:

  1. A program that is loaded on the computer.
  2. Professional and flexible system which contain all instruments used for speculation.
  3. High speed display for prices,  of direct and instant Prices.
  4. Switch between the program pages without facing paging problems resulting from slow browsing of typical Internet sites.
  5. Advanced Technical Analysis: of advanced technical analysis tools and charts to see the market conditions. 
  6. Companies news: live accessing to market and corporate advertisements
  7. High Control for colors, fonts, and backgrounds settings.
  8. Feature of orders basket, which enable the Client to  process orders and then send it to the market upon his desire .
  9. Feature of "Offline orders" which available between 4:30 pm to 9:30 am. as for such commands to be sent to the market approximately 10:00 am.
  10. ٍSpecial order entry screen which is very distinctive because it contain various information such as the best pricing offers and demand  with quantities of shares required , instantly updated , and also contain a fig. indicating the highest quantity of the shares can be purchased on the stock required , in case of purchase.  Also show the total shares that can be sold in the case of sale.
  11. Feature of realized and unrealized profit.
  12. A moving bar for prices available, as per Client desire.
  13. Summary of the market.
  14. The system allows the Client to know how far of the market and the depth of the market and companies according to orders and prices.
  15. Screen detailed display for the companies contain all company trading relative information.
  16. The possibility of transactions follow-up through "last transaction" option.  
  17. The possibility of follow-up and changing sectors for each sector in a single screen to provide a clear picture of the activity of each sector in addition to the General Index.
  18. The possibility of viewing to all shares, the most up and down and more in size and value.
  19. Property of management to alerts those allow the client to follow any change on a particular company or a particular pointer,  when it  achieve a determined number by the client to be reminded with.
  20. The possibility of control over the workspace.
  21. The possibility of establishing a private workspaces defined by the client
  22. Order fields in ascending or descending order for easy searching.
  23. Easy to Buy or Sell for the client by several ways in order to provide more flexibility and greater speed in the implementation of operations.
  24. Detailed presentation for client's portfolio
  25. The possibility of follow-up to orders and deals summary.
  26. Feature of market dimensions which show the Client the change may take place in companies on a simplified graph.
  27. Possibility of accessing to the market support and resistance levels in addition to indexes and companies.
  28. Sending confirmation messages on the mobile phone for transactions execution upon full implementation of the deal.
  29. The possibility of choosing the preferred language for the Client whether English or Arabic.
  30. Calculator for orders.