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Aloula Geojit Capital Client is distinguished by wealth management team which ...

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Account Opening Requirements

To complete the account opening form attached with the following:

For Individuals:


  1. Copy of valid ID .
  2. A Current account at a local bank in Saudi Arabia.

For non-Saudis (Residents)

  1. Copy of valid Residential License (Iqama)
  2. Copyof passport
  3. A current account at a local bank in Saudi Arabia.

Citizens of the Gulf States:

  1. Copy of valid ID
  2. Copyof passport
  3. A current account at a local bank in Saudi Arabia.

Note: The current account of the citizens of Gulf States should be open in a bank in Saudi Arabia. This to ensure arrival by deposit to cash distributions to the customer's current account when occurs.




For companies and institutions, the following documents are required:

  1. A true copy of commercial register issued by of the Ministry of Commerce, Capital Market Authority, or SAMA.
  2. Foundation documents for the company or institution.
  3. A current account at a local bank in Saudi Arabia.
  4. To present confirmation for that trading in shares for the interest of company's account is permissible.
  5. A certified copy of the original ID of the Director General in charge and authorized persons for trading in the account.
  6. Power of attorney which provides the Director-General or the authorized person authority to trade on behalf of the company.
  7. Original ID of the owners of the company those listed in the company's article of association.