Wealth Management

Aloula Geojit Capital Client is distinguished by wealth management team which ...

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Asset Management

Aloula Geojit Capital provides a wide range of Asset Management and portfolio ...

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Department at Aloula Geojit Capital Provide an overall products ...

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Aloula Geojit Capital has a specialized well trained broker team, working in dedication ...

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Aloula Geojit Capital provides custody services to shareholders with respect to ...

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Executives Profiles


Mr. Ibrahim Al-Gadah, Chief Executive Officer, holds a MBA degree in Business Administration , has experienced up to 23 years in management and investment, where he worked before joining Aloula Geojit as operational processes as president of Middle East Financial Investment Company . Prior to that, his work as executive director of the Department of Brokerage in the same company.

Mr. Al Walid Saeed,Acting CFO has about 26 years experience in financial management and drawing up financial Plan, Policies and Procedures As well as handling of Financial Risks Management and the preparation of Financial Reports, the Financial budgets and Financial Statements and submit them to Senior Management of the Company and also has experience in the field of Internal and External audit. Also he has experience in preparing of Zakah & Tax returns. holds a Bachelor of Accounting as well as the certificate of public dealing in securities CME-1 and about to get a membership of Association of charter certified accountant  (ACCA)

 Mr. Mohamed AlJohar director in charge of asset management

Mohammed have the experience in the field of business and investment within 13 years.
It began as an administrator customer relations then became to manage trading, portfolio management, investment and real estate funds.
He managed the conservative group. A group of specialized training courses attended


 Mr. Muath  Alrawashedah ,Business Development Manager and Acting IT Head, holds a master's degree in IT (Information Technology), currently he is Business Development and Products manager in Aloula Geojit Capital. Mr. Muath throughout his career experience worked in the field of IT applications, Brokerage investment and management; he began his career as a project manager in brokerage firms and banks around the GCC, and then moved to the position of assistant manager of IT in the Middle East Financial Investment Co. prior joining Aloula Geojit Capital.

Mr. Mahmoud Elbashiti,Head  of Compliance and AML have 10 years in compliance, AML, Risk, information security and strategic management in financial institutions and technical service companies. Holds an MBA from the UK, as well as professional licenses including the CME2 that is relevant to the CMA in Compliance and AML from (ICA).as well as he is Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), form (ACAMS)

Mr. Ali Al-Ghamdi ,Acting Head  charge of operations management has about 10 years of operations in the field of conservation, holds a General Certificate of dealing in securities CME-1

Mr. Saeed Al-Ghamdi,Acting Customer Relationship and marketing Manager has about (6) years of experience in the area of customer relations and marketing investment products. holds a certificate of dealing in securities (CME-1) and some specialized courses in the field of investment

Mr. Jamal Bakhashwain,  Head of human resources and administrative management has about seven (7) years experience in administrative matters and dealing with government decisions and activated the company and the organization of internal administrative work at the company. Holds a diploma in dealing with senior management and human resources management and other certificates.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Dubais,brokerage Head has about 13 years experience in a local Brokerage. He holds a General Certificate of dealing in securities 1CME- and CME-3.